Day 09 – Skype Redesign

Day 09: Redesign Tuesdays

Brief: To redesign Skype in a subtle, functional manner!

It’s Redesign Tuesday and I had Skype on my list for a redesign concept quite a long time ago. This is a very subtle redesign, with a lot of focus on the content and less on the fuss around it.

The challenge was to make it as subtle as possible, making it a familiar experience. I personally wanted a change in typography, spacing, and colors. This is a mix of white and dark colors, to shift the focus of the user on the conversation.

This was yet another fun redesign project. Do comment your views on the same!

Design Duration: 1 Hour

Typefaces used: Open Sans

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

Skype Redesign – Homepage:

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