Day 12 – ElitePixels Photography – Sketch Freebie

Day 12: Freebie Fridays

Brief: To design a minimal photography template in Sketch.


It’s Freebie Friday! Today, we’re exploring the photography aspect and building a free Sketch template that is distraction free and focuses on the content.

This was quite a straight-forward design approach, nothing special or unique for photographers. I had to retain the same structure and make it a toned-down site, with the focus being directly on the photos.

The typefaces I had this time were Playfair Display & Open Sans. They work very well with this design, giving us the elegance and premium that a premium photography site requires.


Design Duration: 1 Hour

Typefaces used: Open Sans, Playfair Display


Dribbble: Link

Download: DropBox Link

ElitePixels Photography – Homepage Dark:


ElitePixels Photography – Homepage Light:

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