Day 15 – Minimail – Minimal Email

Day 15: Minimal Monday

Brief: To design an uber-minimal, simple email client.

Day 15, it’s the third week of January and it’s Minimal Monday – one of my favorites off this challenge. Today, I set out to design a minimalistic e-mail client.

The approach was to use the same User Experience of Gmail and Yahoo, incorporate that in a minimal version of mine. I didn’t strip off major features that are essential for a fully functional e-mail client. Everything was minified, with tons of negative space and shades of gray.

This is a concept design that was executed in less than 2 hours. Consider my apologies if there are any major UX flaws or errors. I hope to correct them as I dwell deep into this challenge.

Design Duration: 2 Hours

Typefaces used: Muli

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

Minimail – Minimal E-mail App/Client: 

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