Day 17 – Infynyty – Sketch Plugin Idea

Day 17: Wireframe Wednesdays

Brief: To design a landing page wireframe for an All In One Sketch Plugin.


It’s Wireframe Wednesday and Today, I decided to develop a wireframe for a Sketch App Plugin.

Basically, Infynyty will be a Sketch Plugin that does everything for you. It’s the master of all plugins, you can search, install, delete & update all kinds of plugins you wanna have on your Sketch. Infynyty can also sync through accounts, have the same setup of your Sketch on multiple computers of your choice.

This is obviously a POC by me. I’m not sure if a plugin like this already exists, if it does, that’d be awesome. Else, there’s always a starting point! 🙂

Design Duration: 2 Hours

Typefaces used: Lato

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

Wireframe :


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