Day 32 – Circla – Fun Game Concept

Day 32: Disruptive Thursday

Brief: To design an interface with just circles and nothing else!

It’s Disruptive Thursday and today’s disruption is to design an interface with just circles!

This lead me thinking, there could possibly be only one choice – to design a game with circles!

Hence, Circa was born. It’s a fun game where you just have to keep tapping on one particular red-stroked circle, while every other circle keeps moving around.

If you tap on an incorrect circle, you are out! No second chances!

Hope this concept is loved by you guys! Unfortunately, I’m no professional in motion graphics or animation, or I’d have done one for you guys to demonstrate this fun game!

Design Duration: 1 Hours

Typefaces used: None Used

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link


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