Day 37 – Dribbble Redesign Concept

Day 37: Redesign Tuesday

Brief: To redesign Dribbble web-app and make it a lot cleaner, simpler!

For Redesign Tuesdays, I usually would incline to redesign interfaces that I have been using regularly.

Dribbble is obviously one of them.

I’ve retained the main user experience of Dribbble that has been already widely adopted by thousands of designers already.

This redesign focuses on removing the clutter, adding that little spice of negative space, clean colors, shadows and fonts.

There’s also a dark mode, which I’m sure yall will like!

Let me know your take on this!
Which one do you prefer?

Design Duration: 4 Hours

Typefaces used: SF Pro Display

Images: Dribbble Designers

Dribbble: Link



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