Day 46 – No Black Challenge – Mobile Banking App

Day 46: Disruptive Thursday

Brief: To design something without the usage of Black Color!

It’s Disruptive Thursday and today’s disruption is to design something without the Black color!

Presenting, the NO-BLACK-CHALLENGE!

Here’s a mobile banking application, designed with the intent of making it clean, simple and minimal.

Usage of Black is pretty dominant across designs and honestly, it is not difficult to avoid using Black or shades of black on your designs.

Any dark shade will easily substitute the color black and makes the whole challenge a lot more fun.

I had a ton of fun doing this challenge, Would love to see some of you guys try this one out!

Let me know what other disruptions should I try next week!

Design Duration: 3 Hours

Typefaces used: Work Sans

Images: None

Dribbble: Link


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