Day 53 – Black & White Challenge – Portfolio

Day 53: Disruptive Thursday

Brief: To design a personal portfolio with black & white colors only!

It’s Disruptive Thursday and today’s disruption is to Black & White Design Challenge!

This B&W Challenge led me to his idea and I thought of doing something along the same lines of his.

This is a portfolio site of mine, with a cool little ninja as the mascot. The mascot travels with you as you scroll through. It’s a horizontal scroll. He does funky jumps, expressions, and noises as you interact with him.

Let me know your take on this. Do you like it? How would you change things if you’re the one designing this? Would you take up this B&W challenge and create something?

Design Duration: 3 Hours

Typefaces used: Avenir Next

Images: None

Dribbble: Link



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