Day 191 – Google Play Store Redesign – Material 2.0

Day 191: Redesign Tuesday

Brief: To redesign the mobile Google Play store with my vision of the Material Design 2018 guidelines.


For Redesign Tuesdays, I usually would incline to redesign interfaces that I have been using regularly.

Here’s my take on the Messy Google Play store.

My approach was to tidy up the complicated, multi-level navigation system. Make simpler sections on the bottom as a menu, customizable according to user needs.

All apps would have standard icon sizes, instead of anything.

Also, a lot of action does happen on the bottom, owing to the new Material Design language by Google 2018.

Let me know what you think of this one!


Design Duration: 4 Hours

Typefaces used: Product Sans

Images: Google Play

Dribbble: Link



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