Day 200 – Portfolio Revamp Experiment

Day 200: Disruptive Thursday

Brief: To revamp my personal portfolio website with a minimalistic, yet funky approach.


Can’t believe it’s 200 days already since I started my Project365!

It has been an incredible journey filled with sleepless nights, endless ideas, tons of feedbacks etc!

For the 200th shot, I thought of working on my own portfolio redesign.

Going by the evergreen simple & minimal approach, I decided to play with colors for the cards with the right combination sans-serif.

I personally prefer the dark mode more than the light mode. What’s your pick?

Also, yes. I’ll finally be publishing a blog soon!

The first article will be everything about this project, followed by a weekly or a monthly recap.

Follow me on Medium to be updated!


Design Duration: 3 Hours

Typefaces used: SF Pro Display

Images: None

Dribbble: Link



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