Day 221 – Gotcha! Trivia Questions Game

Day 221: Disruptive Thursday

Brief: To design an iOS mobile game that would let you challenge your friends with trivia questions.


Hey guys, it’s been quite a while that I designed a game and I thought why not give it a shot today!

This game’s called “Gotcha!”

Basically, you choose a topic and you answer questions that come out of each topic. You should give it the right answer, rather answer something that would make your friends choose it. The questions would be such that, answers would always be crazy. So it’s on you to trick your friends!

And after you submit your answer, you get to select the real one. If you get pranked by your friends, you lose points. If you choose the actual correct answer and you prank your friends, bonus points!

End of 10 rounds or such, a winner is declared!

What do you think of this game though?

P.S: Yes, this is not a completely new game concept that I invented. I just thought of building a great fun UI for this concept.


Design Duration: 4 Hours

Typefaces used: Museo Sans Rounded

Images: None

Dribbble: Link



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