Day 365 – Meditation App Concept

Day 365: Minimal Monday

Brief: To design a minimal meditation app. 


So, here it is. The final moment that I’ve been waiting for!

Here’s the final shot from my Project365 – Without missing one single day, throughout the year 2018.

What a fantastic experience this has been!

I’ve evolved so much as a designer, which makes this project365 a huge success. If you notice my designs from January and shots that were posted most recently, you’ll be up for a surprise!

Practice always makes perfect, that’s the best thing to do!

However, I’m not stopping with this. Learning will be neverending. My goals for 2019 will be to start learning motion design, illustration and write blogs.

Yes, blogs. I’ll soon share a blog with all the questions you might have related to Project365. Why, how, what, where – all questions will be answered in that blog.

If you have any questions, do post them below.

Cheers to 2018 and Here’s wishing Y’all a very happy new year 2019!!


Design Duration: 2 Hours

Typefaces used: Museo Sans

Dribbble: Link

Images: Unsplash



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  1. Congrats! I have been following your project for the past few months and am always in awe of your designs, looking forward to your blog. Happy New year

  2. Wow! I am blown away by your work and your tenacity to keep it up Every Single Day! Absolutely blown away and inspired by your creativity! Looking forward to what’s next! Plus, thanks for all the freebies!!

    1. Hi, You can.. My Friday Freebies are already available for use. But make sure you use them on your personal/non-commercial projects and not on commercial one’s.

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