Day 01 – Minimal Portfolio

Day 01: Minimal Mondays

Brief: To create a simple, to-the-point version of my design portfolio.


The approach was a straightforward one. Having thought over this one for about 2 years on the line, I jumped straight into designing this piece and came out seamlessly. I’ve always been a huge fan of bold typefaces that compliment the whole appeal of the website that I’m aiming for.

Sat down, compared a few typefaces and finalized on Wes FY, in combination with Avenir Next. Both happened to be my all-time favorites. I had a fun time choosing images for the sample projects to showcase on this first challenge of mine. Unsplash has been the go-to destination for images like these and they are second to none. Being free, it adds to the effectiveness of this project of mine and makes things simple.

Design Duration: 1.5 Hours

Typefaces used: Wes FY, Avenir Next


Dribbble: Link

Homepage Design:

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