Day 02 – Exodus App Redesign

Day 02: Redesign Tuesdays

Brief: To redesign, a blockchain asset manager.

For Day 2, I started to look at apps and websites that are frequented by me, personally. Exodus happens to be on the top 5 of my list and hence I decided to give this a spin!

Exodus is a leading blockchain (cryptocurrency) asset manager in the market and I’ve been using it for the better part of my last 6 months. The design language on the current app speaks for itself, it’s quite simple and slick.

The goal of this redesign, however, was to give it a cleaner look. Slim things down, flatten the colors and add some elegance to it.

Design Duration: 2 Hours

Typefaces used: Proxima Nova

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

App Homepage Design:


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