Day 03 – Stock Trading App UX

Day 03: Wireframe Wednesdays

Brief: To device the Information Architecture and Wireframes for a Stock Trading mobile application.

For Day 3, the theme is Wireframe Wednesdays & so I came up with the plan of creating the information architecture and wireframes for a stock trading mobile application. Personally, UX has always been a small part of what I did so far in life and I wanted to learn and improve my skills. The motive of this challenge is to practice and improve my skills.

StockLove, an imaginary stock trading platform was created for this challenge. I had to look at stock trading applications in the market, understanding the business and human factor behind the market. Came up with an Information architecture and converted them to a few screens that I thought would be ideal for a stock trading community.

The process or the way the Information Architecture was built, might not be perfect. I’m new to this UX world, learning by making mistakes. The goal is to avoid mistakes by this year end and learn this process the right way!

Design Duration: 4 Hours

Typefaces used: Proxima Nova

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

Information Architecture :


App Wireframes :



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