Day 04 – The Papyrus Challenge

Day 04: Disruptive Thursdays

Brief: To design an e-commerce fashion platform using just Papyrus as the typeface.

For Day 4, the theme is Disruptive Thursdays, which essentially is designing an interface with strict guidelines or disruptive, usually avoided forms of design. Which includes the worst possible typefaces, images, colors that can be used for a user interface. For starters, the first one is an E-commerce platform for youngsters, designed with Papyrus (the infamous typeface) as the primary typeface.

The challenge was very interesting and there were only a few possible ways we can make this look great despite the terrible typeface we’re dealing with. I ended up doing the minimal approach, with tons of negative space and tiny little font pairs for the whole site. This made sure that the typeface was not dominant and the imagery, colors of the site would make up for the bad typeface choice.

I had a lot of fun working on this particular challenge, considering we all work with awesome typefaces, this one was a lot of fun. Please critique if you feel that this could have been better with any other approach. Looking forward to the next week’s disruptive design!

Design Duration: 2 Hours

Typefaces used: Papyrus

Images: Unsplash & Pexels

Dribbble: Link

The Papyrus Challenge – Homepage Design :

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