Day 05 – Blog Template Sketch Freebie

Day 05: Freebie Fridays

Brief: To design a content focused blog design and publish it for free.

Day 05, the theme is Freebie Fridays and I wanted to start off with a blog design that focuses on what matters – the content. This minimal blog theme was designed with WordPress, Ghost, and Tumblr in mind. The challenge was to create something that would be useful to someone. Designed in Sketch, its lightweight and easy to use. 

This task was relatively quite easy and simple. I had to achieve minimalism with the focus on content all the time. Big bold titles, easily readable paragraphs, simple images and no other flashy elements. The font of choice was Montserrat with Merriweather for content, which made the goal quite simple.

Do download this free Sketch template and share your inputs on the design. Feel free to use this and improvise the design. I’d be happy if you could give me an attribution if you’re sharing this elsewhere. Strictly not for resale or redistribution purposes commercially.

Design Duration: 4 Hours

Typefaces used: Montserrat, Merriweather

Images: Unsplash

Dribbble: Link

Download Link: Dropbox

Blog365 – Sketch Freebie Blog Template:


Blog365 – Article Page:


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