Day 06 – MyHosting Dashboard

Day 06: Dashboard Saturdays

Brief: To design a client dashboard for a web hosting company.

Day 06, the theme is Dashboard Saturday. I’ve started off with a web-hosting client dashboard as it’s something that’s quite familiar to me. I’ve dealt with web-hosting clients largely for the better part of my design career. Knowing what is important and what’s the best approach, this gave me the confidence to start with Hosting Dashboard.

This task was quite simple, took only an hour to plan and design. I pretty much knew what was going into everything before I started designing the dashboard. The focus was as-usual on the simplicity. I’m a fan of making things simple, yet functional.

The typeface of choice this time was Google’s Work Sans. For colors, I chose to go dark this time as all the designs for the past 5 days have been light. This would change the rhythm and bring some variation. Hope you like this one!

Design Duration: 1 Hour

Typefaces used: Work Sans

Images: None Used

Dribbble: Link

MyHosting – Web Hosting Dashboard:

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