Day 147 – Stuff.Do – Time Management App

Day 147: Super Sunday

Brief: To design a mobile app for strict time management and compete with people all over the world.


Here’s an app that can do a lot more than time management and let you focus on what you want to finish; it lets you compete with your friend to do it!

We as humans are often lazy and don’t get the required push to finish something unless we have the challenge or the competitive spirit to achieve something.

This app concept does exactly that. It lets you set a goal and compete with your partner for the same goal. Who-ever finishes the goal without touching the phone, unlocking it or using apps wins!

It’s a wild concept and could have many other iterations, but this is my first draft of it.

Oh and I’ve also designed two color variations as I was not satisfied with the blue one.

Which one is your fav?


Design Duration: 3 Hours

Typefaces used:  SF Pro Display

Images: None

Dribbble: Link




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